Digital library is a library which has a collection of books in digital form either in pdf, jpg, doc, etc.
At the time of development of this technology are all switched to digital systems including library system. Therefore it is a challenge for us to deal with:
1. It is difficult to change habits, to change personal mind set
Specifically in developing countries to switch from a manual system to a digital system requires a maximum effort and a long time. there are several possibilities :

    a. Human resources is still growing, its mean still immature for accept the changes.
    b. Very lazy to make changes
    c. Doubt the acceptance of surrounding communities
    d. Shame when do different things with others

2. Very difficult to keep up with technology
Many things that must be prepared to build a digital library include:
a. preparation of buildings
b. preparation tools in the building (tables, chairs, cabinets, etc.)
c. computer preparation
d. The most important is the digital book

Explaining about digital books, There are some things we should do :
a. looking for a paid digital books.
    Many digital books are offered as reading material in the library at a price not expensive and we can copy it to a computer to read the library patrons.
b. manually digitize books, maybe we can work with publishers to digitize old books that have been published as examples that do googlebook ect.
c. utilize the internet facility that google books
d. utilize the internet facility provider sites that digital books

In this case the main thing is how does that all the components can write digital books. A teacher for example, can make digital books as teaching materials in schools, teachers can design learning modules, designing the student worksheet and the articles that are related to learning materials in schools and then kept in the library of his work.

1. Making a digital book
Making digital book can do with Sigil software.
How to Make Digital Books Using Sigil - Digital books are the digital equivalent of a printed book. Digital books are electronic books, or so-called most of the e-book. The function of the digital book include: an alternative medium of learning and as a medium of information. The purpose of the development of digital books, among others:

Providing opportunities for content creators to more easily share information,
Protecting information submitted.
Simplify the process of understanding the teaching materials.

To create a digital book, of course, required the application of digital book maker. Applications that used to make digital book is Sigil. In this article, a tutorial will show how to create a digital book with the help of software Sigil.
1). Prepare the material to be made into a digital book. Open Microsoft Word, and paste material into a new sheet in Word. After that, the material in the format Save As Web Page, Filtered (HTML). Prior to Save As, it is good material is trimmed first.
2). Make sure a friend is already installed desktop applications Sigil latest version, v.0.8.6. Sigil application can download it on the internet (google)
3). If the application is successfully installed, open the app Sigil, click File »then select open» select the material that had been stored in the form of HTML. To accelerate, can simply click Ctrl + O => select material.
4). To clarify digital books, where no such thing as a table of contents. To create a table of contents, we need to tidy up the content of our material. Such as adding tags H1, H2, H3, and OL and others as you wish. After all immaculate, click Tools »Contents» Generating Table of Contents (to speed up the click Ctrl + T).
If the banner appears, click OK to continue

5). In addition to the importance of content in the digital book, the cover is also necessary, in order to display digital books that we make interesting. To make right click on the images and then add the files are there. Once the images are added, right click on the image you just entered, point the cursor to add semantic »click the cover image.

In addition to adding content and cover images (cover), friends can also add images, audio, video into the material. Please try in his own ya ..

6). Next, save (Ctrl + Shift + S) in the form .epub. Done, digital books managed to make: D

2. Creating a Learning Module - See at next post
3. Design Student Worksheet (LKS) - See at next post

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