Meaning : Student Worksheet
"Student Worksheet" is a worksheet for students in both the intra-curricular and curricular activities to facilitate the understanding of the subject matter were obtained.
Student worksheet is a learning device that is quite important and is expected to help students discover and develop the concept of learning.

Student Worksheet is one means to assist and facilitate the teaching and learning activities that will form an effective interaction between students and teachers, so as to increase the activity of students in the improvement of learning achievement.

In the students' worksheets students will receive instruction, assignments, and training related to the material being studied.

By using the Student Worksheet in teaching will open up greater opportunities for students to participate actively in learning. Thus the teacher take full responsibility in monitoring students in the learning process.

Use of Student Worksheet as a teaching tool will be able to activate the students, because one way to make students active is to use Worksheet.
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Conclusion Understanding Student Worksheet is essentially a sheet of paper that contains information and instructions from the teacher to the students to be able to do own a learning through practice and exercises or tasks related to the competence to be achieved.

Benefits Student Worksheet
- As an alternative to direct teacher instruction or introducing a particular activity.
- To speed up the learning process and saving time teaching.
- To optimize the limited teaching aids for students can use interchangeably tools.

Interest Student Worksheet
- Student Worksheet made aims to guide the students in various activities that need to be given as well to consider the thought process that will be grown on students. Student Worksheet has a function as the working order given in both intra-curricular and extracurricular activities to the understanding of the material that has been given ".

- To train students to think more steady in learning activities.
- Improve the students' interest to learn, for example, teachers make more systematic LKS, color and display to attract the attention of such a study.

Steps Develop Student Worksheet:
- Analyze the curriculum; SKL, KI, KD
- Develop a map of the needs of
- Determine the title
- Designing Student Worksheet
- Determine the assessment tool
Student Worksheet Video

Student Worksheet advanced students can take toward self, because the sophistication of Student Worksheet itself students will carry over and follow the direction in which the Worksheet meembawanya. Create Student Worksheet great!

Worksheet Students can bring students into the depth of thought that steady, because the direction of the worksheet itself the students be able to think more deeply.

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