Role of Media Audio Visual (Animation)
The learning process becomes more vivid and interesting. Various potential, media can show information through sound, image, both natural and manipulation. The subject matter is packed with media program, it will be clear, complete, and attract students. With the media, presentation material can arouse students' curiosity and stimulate students react both physically and emotionally. In short, instructional media can  teachers to make learning  alive, not monotonous, and very boring.

Improving the quality of learning outcomes. The use of media not only makes the learning process more efficient, but also help students to absorb the subject matter more deeply and fully. If only by listening to verbal information from any teacher, students may not understand the lesson well. But if it is enriched by activities see, touch, feel, or experience through the media, then the student's understanding would have been better.

Media allows the learning process can be done anywhere and anytime saja.Media learning can be designed so that students can make learning activities more freely, whenever and wherever, regardless of the presence of a teacher.

Changing role of the teacher towards a more positive and productive. By utilizing the media as well, a teacher no longer the only source of learning for students. A teacher does not have to explain the whole subject matter, because it could share the role with the media. Thus, the teacher will have more time to pay attention to other aspects of the educational aspects, such as helping students' learning difficulties, the formation of personality, motivation to learn, and others.

Linkages Using Media Animation, Learning Strategies and Learning Outcomes.
Advances in science and technology, especially information technology affects the development and implementation of learning strategies. Through the advancement of teachers can use a variety of media in accordance with the needs and learning objectives. By using communication media not only can simplify and streamline the learning process, but also can make the learning process more interesting.

Good learning strategy is that it contains activities that can raise student motivation. In learning, motivation is necessary, because someone who does not have the motivation to learn will not be possible learning activities. And the best way to raise student motivation is to use the media.

In order to achieve optimum learning, a teacher must be able to choose the model of learning effective and efficient, as well as methods that can foster student learning activities for the situations of teaching and learning activities could take place, with an atmosphere that is not boring students. One model of learning that is expected to support the implementation of learning, is the use of animation media.

One animation that can be used as a medium of learning is plotagon. Plotagon an animation software for free which was very nice and interesting to use, because the character of the already modern animation. example :
Plotagon animation Video
Tutorial :
1. Download software here
2. Install the sofware
3. Open Plotagon
4. Click the create

5. Click characters and create new character (re do until you get several characters)

6. Click Plots beside characters button
7. Create new plots
8. Click scene
9. Select LOCATION, example capee

10. Select character, example jessica

11. Click DEALOGUE for setting 
12. Run the animasi

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